(Libon, Ligao and Camalig, Albay)
Issued: September 11, 2017
Valid: September 11 - 21, 2017
Weather System
  • Southwest monsoon, Intertropical Convergenze Zone (ITCZ), Low Presurre Area (LPA), Tropical Cyclone (TC)
Fishing Advisory
  • Slight to moderate to occasionally rough seas will prevail 
  • Fishermen using small boats and seacrafts are advised to always take precautionary measures and continue monitor updates thru radio and television
Farming Advisory
  • Continue monitor and evaluate pest incidence in crops and livestocks
  • Irrigate, water plants, fertilizer application, and weeding
  • Monitoring of pests and diseases; Spraying and broadcasting of insecticides and 
    pesticides when needed
  • Maintain cleanliness of canals and levees to ensure easy flow of rainwater
  • Deliver goods in the market places using covered vans or vehicles
  • Continue daily farm activities such as land and seedbed preparation, planting, transplanting of rice
  • Average range of temperature: 24°C - 32°C
Relative Humidity
  • Average range of relative humidity: 45% - 95%
Soil Moisture
  • Moist
Probability of Rain
  • 65-95%