March 5, 2019


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1 unit

Supply Delivery, Installation and Testing of Thermal Air Solar Hybrid Air-conditioning System. (Inverter Type)


FCU Model:  STA-036FS-FCU

ACCU Model:  STA-036FS-CU

Cooling Capacity = 36,000

Ton    =  3.0TR

HP     =  3.75

KW   = 10.55

V =  220-240 Volts

PH   = 1 Phase

HZ  =   60HZ

Airflow Volume –Indoor unit


Outdoor unit

514/428 LRS

Height Dimension & Weigh =

Indoor 550mmx 1800x350 610x1925x390

Outdoor 990mmx965x345mm 938x1369x392

Pipe Connection = Liquid side indoor 3/8” dia

Gas Side outdoor 5/8” dia

Pls. see attached Scope of works and Cost Breakdown

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Price Validity:  120 days

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Delivery Date:  15 days upon approved P.O.

Warranty:  1 Year

Total ABC   (in PhP)   290,786.00



1 unit

7 pc

7 pc

1 tank

1 box

1 box

1 set

2 pc

6 pc

6 pc

6 pc

1 pc

Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of one (1) 5.0TR Floor Standing  Airconditioning Unit (Non-Inverter)

Note:  L-Series Type of Air-con

Air-Con Specification:

Fan Coil Unit (FCU)

Volts 208/230V

Phase 1

Amperes 1.6 A

Watts  360 watts


Air-conditioning Condensing Units (ACCU)

V 208/230V

HZ 60

Amperes 15.7 A

Watts 5,400 W

Kj/Hr 63,300 Kj/Hr

Supplies and Materials:

Hard Drawn 1 1/8ӯ Copper Tubing L-series P3,300/20ft

Hard Drawn 1/2ӯ Copper Tubing L-series P1,130/20ft

Tank Freon R-410

5.5mm² THHN Stranded Wires

3.5mm² THHN Stranded Wires

Circuit Breaker 50 Amperes with box Pole Nema 3

Angular Bars 20 ft x 2”

Polyethelene Tapes

Bolts and Nuts ½” Ø

Dyna Bolts ½”Ø

Electrical Tape

Pls. see attached scope of works

Pls. Submit Omnibus Sworn Statement

Total ABC   (in PhP)   177,953.00


Contracting Authority: Ma. Annalyn S. Nolasco          


Science Garden Complex Agham, Road 

Diliman, Quezon City

Telefax No. 434-3817