Gale Warning
Issued at: 5:00 PM TODAY , 16 May 2020
Gale Warning # 8 (Final)
For: MODERATE TO STRONG winds associated with TROPICAL STORM "ambo" [VONGFONG]

Gale Warning in PDF file

Weather Advisory
Issued at: 12:00 PM 2020 May 10
Weather Advisory in PDF file

General Flood Advisories - Regional
 General Flood Advisory issued as of 7 PM, 20 August 2018


Monthly Climate Assessment and Outlook (July-August 2018)

Issued: 06 August 2018

Monthly Rainfall Forecast
RAINFALL FORECAST  (September 2018 - February 2019) 
UPDATED: 29 August 2018 (next update September 26, 2018)

Regional Rainfall Forecast
Issued: 29 August 2018
Valid for: September 2018 - February 2019
Farm Weather Forecast and Advisories
ISSUED: 8 AM,  FRIDAY,  MAY 24, 2019
, 2019
FWFA:  N0. 19-144

Ten-Day Regional Agri-Weather Information
DEKAD NO. 15   MAY 21 - 31, 2019
The weather systems that will affect the whole country are the frontal system, easterlies, ridge of high pressure area, intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and low pressure area (LPA).

Seasonal Climate Outlook
Issued:  13 July 2018
FOR July - December 2018

Astronomical Diary
Issue for October 2018
The October Orionids meteor shower will be active from October 17-25, 2017.

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PAGASA Personnel Trainings Invitation of Trainings

Training Title Date of Submission
2019 Master of Meteorology for Developing Countries - two-years commensing 12 Sept 2019 - China

11 June 2019
ASEAN Training on Understanding of Cloud Nature and Weather Modification for Water Resources Management in ASEAN - 22 to 26 July 2019- Thailand

28 May 2019
3rd Training Workshop on Subseasonal to Seasonal Predictions for Southeast Asia - 22 to 26 Jul 2019 - Singapore

28 May 2019
Public Leaders' Summit Debut Call on Game Changers - 29 to 30 May 2019

Regional Revitalization in Disaster Prone Area - 16 to 30 Oct 2019 - Japan

15 May 2019
Writing Trends: Training on Research Writing - 09 to 10 May 2019 - Sta. Mesa Manila

Training Workshop on Asian Aviation Hazardous Weather Coordination - 30 Jun to 05 Jul 2019 - China

30 Apr 2019
Review Seminar for the JDS Project 2019 - 04 Jun 2019 - Taguig City  
Hubert H. Humprey Fellowship Program for 2020-2021- USA

30 Apr 2019
Leadership and Management Workshop - 21 to 22 May 2019 - QC

Master of Public Policy - Cliamte Change Policy - 03 Aug 2019 to 29 Dec 2020 - Korea

15 Apr 2019
Reinforcement of Met Services - 25 Sept to 07 Dec 2019 - Japan

15 Apr 2019
ITC on Modern WEather Forecast Technologies - 24 Jun to 05 Jul 2019 - China

15 Apr 2019
ITC on the Assessment of Cliamte Change Impacts on Agriculture with Remote Sensing Technology - 17 to 28 Jun2019 - China

15 Apr 2019
User's Training on Basic REgulatory Impact Assessment - 21 to 24 May 2019 - Manila

PSRTI Regular Training Courses - 22 Apr to 30 Nov 2019 - Manila

NRF of Korea Postdoctoral Fellowship Offering - Korea - 2019 - 2020

DAP - 2019

AGIA - 2nd Quarter of 2019 

ICT for DRR, Climate Change Green Growth and Sustainable Development


ITC on Automated Weather Observing System - AWOS - 16 to 20 Sept 2019 - Turkey

15 Apr 2019
TC Research Fellowship Scheme 2019 - 20 May to 14 Jun 2019 - Korea 01 Apr 2019

PHARODF-Australia Awards - Australia - Jan 2020 15 Apr 2019

HRDP Graduate Scholarships - AY 2019-2020 - Manila

14th National Convention on Statistics - QC - 01 to 03 Oct 2019

63rd and 64th IATSS Forum - Japan - May 2020 and Nov 2020

15 May 2019
ASEAN-India Research Training Fellowship - India - Open

ITC on the Application of Meteorological Satellite Products in Weather Forecasting - China - 18 to 28 Jun 2019

05 Apr 2019
Advanced International Training Programme - 17 to 19 June 2019 (Philippines), 03 to 19 Sept 2019 (Stockholm) and Feb 2020 ( Sweden)

14 Mar 2019
ITC on Climate prediction and Its Application in disaster Prevention and Mitigation - China - 06 to 16 May 2019

14 Mar 2019
ASEAN Training on Understanding of Cloud NAture and Weaher Modification for Water Resources Management in ASEAN - date and Venue TBA 

21 Feb 2019

2019-2020 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship - 

14 Feb 2019
Intemet Asia - 26 - 29 Mar 2019 - Singapore

07 Feb 2019
Workshop on the Internet of Things for Productivity Enhancement - Taipei - 27 - 31 May 2019

06 Feb 2019
COMSAT - Fall of 2019 - India 07 FEb 2019

ARCDAP - 25 to 29 March 2019 - Singapore 07 Feb 2019

RD Leader  
ICTP 2019 - 27 May to 06 Jun 2019 - Russia

28 Jan 2019
WIGOS - 06 to 09 Mar 2019 - Japan

23 Jan 2019
WIS 2.0 - 11 to 12 Mar 2019 - Japan

10 Jan 2019
SWFDP-SeA 2019 - Lao, PDR - 19 Feb to 01 Mar 2019 08 Jan 2019

Science, Technology and Innovation Researcher Award 

Master in National Security Administration - 01 Oct 2019 to 30 Sept 2020 - National Defense College of the Philippines

18 Dec 2018
Research Writing and Statistical Analysis In-Depth Seminar Workshop - 14 to 17 May 2019 - Negros Occidental

IECEP Foundation's 1st International Conference  - 29 to 30 Nov 2018 - Pasay City 

International Conference on Thunderstorm and Lightning in Tropics - 2019 - India - 17 to 19 Jan 2019

27 Nov 2018
Public Sector Productivity Innovation Laboratory - Pasig City - 28 Nov 2018

JICA Long Term Training Program for DRR to Implement the Sendai Framework - 2019 - Japan

27 Nov 2018
CMA Typhoon Forecaster Training Programme 2018 - 10 to 19 Dec 2018 - 
14 Nov 2018

EGU Gen Assembly - 07 to 12 Apr 2019 - Austria

20 Nov 2018

PAGASA Local Scholarship for 2019-2020
15 Apr 2019

*Note: All trainings listed above is for PAGASA Personnel Only those with pending nomination need not apply 

For the application form please click here and for more information please contact Ms. Florie Clemente or Ms. Jocelyn Cayabyab, PPDC Secretariat Fellowships/Scholarships Unit at 434-3843

Read more: PAGASA Personnel Trainings

31 March 2017


Participants  in the Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC)
The following have been accepted to undergo the Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC), scheduled on 04 April – 12 September 2017:

Name Name
PAGASA Employees 18. Deleña, Carizz J.
1.  Mariñas, Aurelio G. 19. Domingo, Bernaliza
2.  Tamondong , Aljon L. 20. Gambuta, Edgar B.
Philippine Air Force 21. Garcia Jr. , Eufronio B.
3.  Malondon,  Jomel B. 22. Gayoso, Jaspher C.
4.  Tang, Yusop C. 23. Igna Jr., Nestor Z
5.  Teanilla, Francis 24. Kabiling, Harold Jan S.
6.  Cuenca, Jessa C. 25. Leona, Louren A,
Philippine Navy 26. Lutap, Leo Angelo A.
7.    Paalisbo, Ariel J. 27. Medina, Genomari B.
8.    Borja, Christian P. 28. Nuñez, Ian Neil M.
Non-PAGASA 29. Nuylan, Raymond S.
9.    Amba, Mizpah F. 30. Samsona, LhezelGane M.
10. Avestruz, Mary Joyce 31. Sumalpong, Khienth Q.
11. Bahian, Archie C. 32. Sumbise, Rechel M.
12. Batang, Johnny C. 33. Tarnate, April Joy B.
13. Bugtay, Erwin Roy G. 34. Torres, Veronica C.
14. Cahanap, Jonathan C. 35. Tribiana, Alvin T.
15. Caranyagan, Philip Neil S. 36. Varilla, Charmagne Marie B.
16. Cornelio, Edric L. 37. Villanueva, Venus M.
17. Dazo, David Aaron G.  
PAGASA personnel listed above are hereby relieved of their duties in their respective offices and temporarily reassigned at the Training and Public Information Section (TPIS) from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM for the duration of the training course.  Concerned Division Chiefs/OICs at the Central Office and Heads of Field Stations are directed to institute necessary steps to prevent disruption of the essential services due to the attendance of some of their personnel to the aforementioned training course.

In this connection, PAGASA field personnel listed above are entitled to collect traveling expenses and incidental expenses at P160.00 per day for a minimum of 30 days and Non- PAGASA trainees are entitled to a transportation allowance of two thousand pesos (P 2,000.00) per month for the duration of the training as stipulated under the PAGASA Local Scholarships Program subject to the usual budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

All participants are directed to report for the start of the training on 04 April 2017, 8:00 A.M. WMO/PAGASA Regional Training Center, 2/F, PAGASA Central Office, Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City.  Compulsory and punctual attendance is enjoined.

This Order takes effect on 04 April 2017.

(Original Signed)

Research and Development and Training Division (RDTD)
Training Plan for 2014

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) is one (1) of the attached agencies of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under its Scientific and Technical Services Institutes. It is mandated to “provide protection against natural calamities and utilize scientific knowledge as an effective instrument to insure the safety, well being and economic security of all the people, and for the promotion of national progress.”  

PAGASA was designated as the Regional Meteorological Training Centre (RMTC) for the South West Pacific  (Region V) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1968  with the Institute of Meteorology,  now the Research and Development and Training Division (RDTD) as its “Training Component”.  In 1978, the Department of Meteorology (DMO), now the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM), University of the Philippines(UP)  was added as its “University Component.”

The RDTD, the training, research and astronomy arm of PAGASA conducts regular training courses on Meteorology, Hydrology, Meteorological Observations and other specialized technical courses. The Meteorologists Training Course (MTC) has the compulsory topics in the atmospheric science, which include physical meteorology, dynamic meteorology, synoptic meteorology and climatology. It also contains includes most of the elective fields of specialization (aeronautical and agricultural meteorology, weather forecasting, etc.)  This is in accordance with the guidelines for the Education and Training Personnel in Meteorology and Operational Hydrology (WMO- No. 258, 4th edition) and the Manual on the Implementation of Education and Training Standards in Meteorology and Hydrology (WMO-No. 1083).  This course usually requires one academic year.  

The Hydrologists Training Course (HTC)  is also in accordance with the guidelines of WMO-No. 258 4th Edition and the Manual on the Implementation of Education and Training Standards in Meteorology and Hydrology (WMO-No. 1083).  This course also requires one academic year. On the other hand, the Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC) follows the guidelines as provided in the WMO-No 258 4th Edition.

The Training, Fellowships  and Scholarships Unit (TFSU) of the Training and Public Information Section (TPIS), RDTD, PAGASA is tasked to carry  out  plans, coordination and the conduct of training  in  the atmospheric, geophysical and space sciences including the administration  of local and foreign grants; and the operation and maintenance of the training facilities of the Agency in support of its human resources development program. 

Trainings conducted for 2014 are as follows:

Hydrologists Training Course (HTC) – 05 August 2013 to 17 July 2014
General Objective: Participants shall acquire broad knowledge and skills in hydrology. 



Training Course for PAGASA’s Forecasters, Hydrologists and Researchers: Capacity Enhancement for Doppler Radar Applications in Nowcasting
General Objective:  Enhance the capacity of Forecasters, Hydrologists and Researchers in  weather forecasting and warning using Doppler Radar

Training on Probabilistic, Quantitative, Precipitation Forecasting (PQPF)
General Objective: Acquire knowledge in Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting



Refresher Course on Meteorological Observations, Practices and Procedures for Field Station Personnel  (Regional)
General Objective: Participants will be qualified meteorological technicians having completed the basic instruction package for meteorological technicians (BIP-MT). They will be able to carry out weather, climate and other environmental observation and perform related tasks.

Southern Luzon PRSD - 19-21 February 2014
National Capital Region PRSD - 12-14 March 2014
Mindanao PRSD - 26-28 March 2014
Visayas PRSD - 04-06 May 2014
Northern Luzon PRSD - 14-16 May 2014

Refre Course masbate

Government Radio Operator’s Certification (GROC)  for Field Station Personnel  (Regional)

General Objective: Participants will be able to obtain license to  operate radio equipment legally.

Mindanao PRSD - 02-05 April 2014
Southern Luzon PRSD - 09-12 April 2014
Visayas PRSD - 07-10 May 2014
Northern Luzon PRSD - 28-31 May 2014


Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC)
– 15 October 2014 -31 March 2015
General Objective: Participants will be qualified meteorological technicians having completed the basic instruction package for meteorological technicians (BIP-MT).  They will be able to carry out weather, climate and other environmental observation and perform related tasks.


Information, Education Communication (IEC) on Meteorology, Hydrology and Astronomy
General Objective: Participants shall be able to acquire knowledge and understanding  in meteorology, hydrology and astronomy.

Three (3) Ad Hoc Training – to be determined later


It has come to the attention of the Office of the Administrator of PAGASA that a certain person has been using the name of Dr. Vicente B. Malano to solicit money from the contractors of PAGASA.

Dr. Malano wishes to inform the public that he has not authorized anyone to solicit money on his behalf and to warn everyone against dealing with unscrupulous activities of certain individuals.

payong pagasa on android The latest version of the official PAGASA app can now be downloaded on Google play store

List of Trainees for the Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC) 2019

The following have been accepted to undergo the Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC), scheduled on 06 May – 14 October 2019

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Weather Division is now  ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Proof has been furnished by means of an audit that the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are met.

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14 June 2019

The occurrence of scattered to at times widespread rainfall associated with the Southwest Monsoon during the past few days as observed by most PAGASA stations...

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