11 August 2017


Addendum No. 2017-028-02

Subject: “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Training and Commissioning of One (1) Lot HimawariCast Receiving System for Four  (4) PRSDs”; ABC Php30,000,000.00 / P.R. No. 2017-05-0440 / Ref. No. IB 2017-028

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer queries submitted in writing by prospective bidders and include additional requirement on the above-cited project, to wit:


Query #1.  Please clarify the types of other products than the SATAID product more concretely.

Answer:    SATAID products converted to the standard image formats such as TIFF, GEO-TIFF, BMP, JPEG and PNG.

Query #2.  Is it acceptable for the system to generate a single and fixed domain product?

Answer:    No. The system must generate multiple domain sector products that can be defined and generated simultaneously on real time basis. All the domain sector areas for the output product images should be able to configure by an administrator level or operational level users with GUI interface.

Query #3.  Is there any additional requirement for the image product to be created?

Answer:    All the image products can be overlaid with geo-map lines such as the coastlines and the country borders based on user-definition capability.

Query #4.  Is it acceptable for the dissemination capability with a simple FTP method by manual?

Answer:    It must be based on automatic processing operations as well as manual operation basis. The automatic transmission service of the created products to the internal/external users can be simply registered or modified by the system operators with a GUI interface.

Query #5.  Please specify the media or the network how to protect against illegal access.

Answer:    The system shall include a firewall to protect against unauthorized network access form other systems through the connected network whether intranet or internet.

Query #6.  Can we use general steel bolts and nuts to assemble the antenna and pedestal?

Answer:    No.  All the screws must use a material made of SUS-304 stainless steel for the reason that it has excellent resistance to a wide range of atmospheric environments and many corrosive media.


Query #1.  What drawings and plans should be provided with the tender? (Technical Specification-E)

Answer:   The bidder must provide a technical proposal with a system diagram to be supplied including descriptions for hardware specifications, all the functional capabilities of processing software, the plans for installation, testing, trainings and factory acceptance test, maintenance plan and warranty policy to be carried out.

Query #2. Is there a requirement for the size of concrete foundation for the antenna?

Answer:   The size of the concrete foundation for the antenna must be based on the design of a pedestal mount. The pedestal foundation must have sufficient strength against wind load at each site.

Query #3. What is the distance from the antenna to the receiver? Is there a drawing or layout plan for each site showing location of the equipment? This will assist in determining the scope of civil and installation works.

Answer:   The cable distance from the antenna to receiver is up to 100 meters but the shorter is better due to cable loss of signal strength and shall be decided properly based on the actual site to be installed. A procedure or layout plan on how to install HimawariCast Receiving System must be submitted as a guide.

Query #4.  Is there any special requirement for the TYPE of Over Voltage Protector? (Technical Specification F-7. Other Equipment (b)

Answer:   The bidder must propose the suitable specifications for the OVP in the technical proposal in order to protect equipment against irregular voltage and surge impulse inputs from the power supply lines.

Query #5. Is there a drawing of the Pedestal Mount? (Technical Specification F-8. Pedestal...)

Answer:   Yes, the bidder must propose the adequate pedestal mount system in the technical proposal.

Query #6. Regarding UPS requirement, what is the required back-up time? Does the 15 min. back-up time sufficient?

Answer:   The purpose of the UPS is to shutdown equipment automatically in case of power failure to protect equipment including PCs so that there is no primary specification for back-up time. The UPS should invoke all the functions automatically without human intervention when power supply is restored. It is also required for the UPS to have long life batteries.

Query #7. Bid Preparation, can you please identify in the checklist the documents that requires authentication?

Answer:   Please refer to TAB B-2 in the Checklist of Technical Requirements (Page 2).

Request:  Extension of the bid opening for four (4) weeks from its original schedule

Answer:    The schedule of submission/bid opening was moved on 30 August 2017 as per Supplemental Bid Bulletin / Addendum No. 2016-028-01, posted at PhilGEPS’ website            on 08 August 2017.


§  The manufacturer must have an experience with WMO/JMA Project for the installation of HimawariCast Receiving and Processing Systems.

This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.

For guidance and information of all participating bidders.


Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC