17 August 2017


Addendum No. IB 2017-028-03

Subject: “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Training and Commissioning of One (1) Lot HimawariCastReceiving System for Four (4) PRSDs”; ABC Php30,000,000.00 / P.R. No. 2017-05-0440 / Ref. No. IB 2017-028

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer official queries submitted in writing by the two (2) prospective bidders:                 

1.  Technical Specifications 4. DVBS2 Receiver Specifications:

Query: Channel demodulation of 21APSK is not a requirement for the DVB-S2 Receiver by JMA for the HimawariCast transmission. Also the 3 recommended manufacturers of DVBS2 receivers by JMA are not compliant with this requirement. Is it possible to remove this requirement?

Answer: 21APSK is changed to "up to 32APSK". The current HimawariCast Service uses QPSK with DVB-S2, but we recommend to include APSK in order to adapt any possibility in the future including receptions for other satellite services.

2.  Technical Specification 5 & 6. Desktop PCs

Query: We would like to offer Windows 10 Professional instead of Windows 7. Windows 10 has been tested and is compatible with SATAID, Kencast etc. Please confirm that Windows 10 is acceptable.

Answer: We cannot recommend Windows 10 because it is not stable enough for the purpose on the mission critical systems.

3.  Additional requirement from the Bid Bulletin No. 2

"The manufacturer must have an experience with WMO/JMA Project for the installation of HimawariCast Receiving and Processing Systems."

Query: This requirement is referring to a single project awarded in 2015. If this is the only experience accepted then only 1 manufacturer can bid for this project. Will the BAC consider similar project NOT only with WMO/JMA but other JICA funded project?

Answer: As agreed during our pre-bid conference, we considered other similar project specifically for the installation of HimawariCast Receiving and Processing System for the purpose of determining the experience and the success related on this and subject for verification.


Query: May we request your good office to accept the Completed Similar Contract for the HimawariCast the Weather Instruments and Meteorological Equipment, Instrument and Remote Sensing Equipment as long as the Manufacturer itself have an experience with WMO/JMA Project for the installation of Himawaricast Receiving and Processing System which can verify at WMO or any form of documents?

Answer 1. Completed Similar Contract must be related to Meteorological Instrument/ Meteorological Remote Sensing Instrument.

2. Experience with similar project other than WMO/JMA Project specifically for the installation of HimawariCast Receiving and Processing System shall be subject for verification on the veracity whether installed at any NMHSs or proof at WMO or any form of documents and the like.

This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.

For information and guidance of all participating bidders.

Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC