22 December 2017


Addendum No. 2017-071-03

Subject:  “Supply and Delivery of Hydro-Meteorological Rainfall and Water Level Telemetry Monitoring System Equipment for the Cagayan River Flood Forecasting and Warning Center”; ABC Php28,000,000.00 / PR No. 2017-11-1005 / Ref. No. IB 2017-071

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer official queries of the prospective bidder for the above-cited project.

A.      Queries of Superserve Corporation


1.  Under Sec. 12.1 (a) ii, it states that: “The bidders SLCC similar to the contract to be bid should have been completed (within the period as provided in the Invitation to Bid) prior to the deadline for the submission and receipt of bids.”

Will the BAC consider to allow the use, for track record purposes, of a Systems Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) project for the monitoring and control of diesel generators sets which are similar in purpose and function as the above subject project?

Statement of the supplier’s SLCC is hereby amended from: within 3 years to: within 5 years




Yes, provided that the products that will be supplied for this instant Project are compliant to WMO standards.


2.   Under Title C 3.0 of the Technical Specifications, it is required that the products shall be in compliance with the World Meteorological Organizations (WMO) standards, it shall be required that the prospective bidder or the manufacturer of the System to be offered must be duly recognized by WMO. A proof of such recognition shall be enclosed by the prospective bidders as part of the submissions.

Will it be acceptable to the BAC that the Manufacturer will provide a certification that the products are compliant with the WMO standards?










Yes, provided that such Certification was issued by an independent Body other than the manufacturer.

3.   Under Title C 4.0 of the Technical Specifications, it is required that the manufacturer shall be ISO certified and presently a member of the Association of HMEI (Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry).

According to our Principal Manufacturer, HMEI does not issue such certificates anymore. Will the BAC allow the receipt of payment to HMEI as proof that the Manufacturer is a member of this organization instead of certificates?

In the absence of such certification, any equivalent document that will show proof of the Manufacturer’s Membership will be accepted.


4.  Under the Technical Specifications Summary of Equipment, the solar panels shall provide the power supply to the RTU’s under items 1 and 2 and the tallied quantity is 44 units, however, the required quantity of the solar panels is only 43. Please verify the quantity of solar panels to be delivered if it will be 44 or 43 units as stated in the terms of reference.

The quantity for solar panels is hereby corrected from: 43 pcs., to: 44 pcs.

5.  Under Technical Specifications Summary of Equipment, there is no mention of a Water Level Sensor (Pressure Type) and the quantity to be supplied but under the Item E there is a specification for Water Level Sensor (Pressure Type), kindly verify if this shall form part of the supply?

5 pcs. Water Level Sensor (Pressure Type) with 10m cable shall be included in the Schedule of Requirements.

6.  Under the Terms of Payment, please specify what payment term is applicable for this subject? Does the 15% down payment apply to this project?

Payment for the entire Project shall be made by PAGASA upon its full completion and acceptance.

However, an Advance Payment not to exceed fifteen (15%) percent of the total contract amount may be granted by PAGASA, upon a written request by the SUPPLIER which shall be submitted as a contract document; and, accompanied by an irrevocable standby letter of credit or a bank guarantee of equal amount, issued by a Commercial or Universal Bank. (GPPB Circular No. 04-2010, s. 2010)

7.  For the valid certificate of distributorship, is it required that the certificate be authenticated by the Philippine embassy in the place of the manufacturer? If yes, will it be acceptable to the BAC in lieu of the authenticated certificate a receipt of payment for the same considering it takes considerable time to process and release the certificate?

Yes, it must be duly authenticated in the nearest Philippine Embassy where the principal business of the manufacturer is located.

However, considering the time constraint in the preparation of bidding documents, the BAC will allow submission of ‘scanned’ or ‘certified true copy’ of documents that need authentication, together with the copy of receipt of payment for the said certificate; provided that said documents shall be submitted to the BAC upon notification for Post-qualification purposes..

8.  Will the BAC allow a modification on the contents of the joint venture agreement? (Please see attached sample).

Yes, provided that the requirements of a Valid Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) are complied with.

9.  For the business permit can we use the 2017 issue which is set to expire this coming December 31, 2017 because there are still numerous processes prior to obtaining the business permit such as the unaudited financial statement, payment of BIR annual registration, among others?

These documents are no longer required in the bidder’s submission of Eligibility requirements. What is required under the 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184 is the submission of a valid Certificate of Registration (under Platinum membership).

Bidder’s with expiring licenses or permits are therefore advised to immediately update their profiles with Philgeps.   

This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.

For information and guidance of all participating bidders.

 Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC