10 January 2018


Addendum No. 2017-076-01

Subject: “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Training and Commissioning of 22 Multi-Function Laser Optic Disdrometer”; ABC Php33,000,000.00 / P.R. No.: 2017-10-0892 / Ref. No.  IB No. 2017-076

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer clarificatory questions submitted by the prospective bidder on the above-cited project.

Queries of WestPoint Engineering Supplies


1.   For the Single Largest Completed Contract, will PAGASA accept the GAMIC ENIGMA III+ as track record as this equipment generates radar reflectivity and the Disdrometer also used for Radar Reflectivity?

1.   For the Single Largest Completed Contract, it would be best if you will submit a project similar in nature such as precipitation or rainfall sensors because the disdrometer is primarily used to measure the precipitation size and speed which is essential in determining the hydrometeor type amount and distribution. GAMIC ENIGMA III+ is a signal processor of weather radar which translates the received signal to reflectivity values that can be converted to rain rate using Z-R relations. The disdrometer also provides reflectivity and rain rate values at the surface that can be used to calibrate/derive radar’s Z-R relationships. Hence, the GAMIC ENIGMA III+ can also be used as track record for the SLCC.

2.   For SLCC, will you accept completed contracts such as Flood Early Warning System with Telemetry and Meteorological Sensors/Equipment?

2.   Flood Early Warning System with Telemetry and Meteorological Sensors/Equipment may also be used as completed contract for the SLCC since it includes instruments which are used for rainfall monitoring.

3.     For the Factory Acceptance Test and the Factory Training, can we have it at the same time?

3.   The factory acceptance test and factory training must be done in different time because the main purpose of the acceptance test is to attest the performance of the system in accordance to the specifications and functional requirements stated in the Terms of Reference (TOR) while the factory training will cover two types of training: 1.) Operation, maintenance, hardware and software familiarization, configuration and set-up,  2.) Fundamental theories and applications of the system in meteorological, hydrological and disaster mitigation activities.

For information and guidance of all prospective bidders.


Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC