(Libon, Ligao and Camalig, Albay)
Issued: October 11, 2019
Valid: October 11-20, 2019
Weather System
  • Localized thunderstorms, Low Pressure Area
Fishing Advisory
  • Moderate to occasionally rough seas will prevail
  • Fishermen using small boats and seacrafts are advised to always take precautionary measures and continue monitor updates thru radio and television
Farming Advisory
  • Harvesting of rice, corn, cassava, squash, sweet potatoes, upo, tomatoes, ubi, ampalaya, okra, gabi, pechay, papaya, carrots and leafy vegetables is on-going. Planting of tapilan, sweet potato, ginger, eggplant, tomato, squash, beans, radish, cassava, patola, ampalaya, lettuce and sincamas is also on-going.
  • Average range of temperature: 22°C-34°C
Relative Humidity
  • Average range of relative humidity: 70% - 98%
Soil Moisture
  • Moist
Probability of Rain
  • 30-70%