11 October 2017


Addendum No. 2017-042 & 043 - 02

Subjects: 1.“Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Integration and Commissioning of Telemetered Hydrological Monitoring Network for Agusan River Basin Flood  Forecasting and Warning System (AgRBFFWS)”; ABC  Php40,401,500.00 / PR No.: 2017-05-0430 /Ref No.: IB 2017-042

2. “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Integration and Commissioning of Telemetered Hydrological Monitoring Network for Mindanao River Basin Flood Forecasting and Warning System (MRBFFWS)”; ABC Php51,380,750.00 / P.R. No.: 2017-05-0419 /Ref. No.: IB 2017-043

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer official queries of the prospective bidders for the above-cited projects.

Queries of East Asia Solutions Technologies Corporation


1.  Request permission to quote a data transmission system differing from the specifications as stipulated in the TORs of Mindanao and Agusan river basins.

PAGASA maintains the minimum technical specifications stipulated in the Terms of Reference (TOR) based on the following premises:

§  There is no established system yet in the Philippines wherein we can use as baseline information. While it is true that UHF system was used in Jalaur River basin, it is still in the testing stage and needs considerable period to check its effectiveness.

§  The solution being proposed may have been tested in temperate and progressive countries but the condition in the Philippines is much different. Hence, a tangible basis must be established.

2.  Completed project similar in nature.

Request approval of previous project with PAGASA, which is the Forecaster Workstation to be used as similar completed project for this tender.

The establishment of a Forecaster’s Workstation shall not be considered as a completed contract that is “similar” in nature to the instant project to be bid for the following considerations:

§  No field monitoring stations were constructed.

§  No radio communication (UHF/VHF) was involved.

Projects that may be considered “similar” in nature are those involving telemetered field monitoring of parameters (i.e., hydrological, hydraulic, meteorological, environmental, sociological, military, among others). Mode of data transmission can be thru radio, SMS and related modern systems.

3.  Extension of closing of bid.

Request that the opening of bid be moved on October 30, 2017 to give us enough time to prepare all the documents coming from our principal abroad.

The submission/opening of bids is extended from 20 October 2017 to 27 October 2017; 9:00 a.m. at the PAGASA Amihan Conference Room.

4.  Request for one of the following alternatives:

4.1   A modification of the technical specification of rain gauges in the TORs of Mindanao and Agusan river basins.

Technical specifications of rain gauges shall be:


Accuracy:   +/- 0.5% in case of 20mm/hr or less

                  +/- 0.3% in case of 20mm/hr or more


Accuracy: +/- 0.5mm in case of 20mm/hr or less

                 +/- 3% in case of 20mm/hr or more

4.2 Permission to quote a system that is not compliant to this specification but still offers an accuracy which we deem to be the currently best in the market, being at 2% +/-.

Alternative offers or solutions to the minimum technical specifications of the instant Project may be allowed and considered; provided that they meet the requirements of the end-user.

5.  Is there a legal definition of “Joint Venture” according to Philippine law?

A. The Supreme Court has described a joint venture as an association of persons or companies jointly undertaking some commercial enterprise; generally, all contribute assets and share risks which requires a community of interest in the performance of the subject matter, a right to direct and govern the policy in connection therewith, and a duty, which may be altered by agreement to share both in profit and losses. [Kilosbayan vs, Guingona, 232 SCRA 110 (1994)]

In the case of Aurbach, et. al. v. Sanitary Wares Manufacturing Corporation, [180 SCRA 130 (1989)], the Supreme Court further explained:

 “The legal concept of a joint venture is of common law origin.  It has no precise legal definition, but it has been generally understood to mean an organization formed for some temporary purpose.  It is hardly distinguishable from the partnership, since their elements are similar—community of interest in the business, sharing of profits and losses, and a mutual right of control.  The main distinction cited by most opinions in common law jurisdiction is that the partnership contemplates a general business with some degree of continuity, while the joint venture is formed for the execution of a single transaction, and is thus of a temporary nature.  This observation is not entirely accurate in this jurisdiction, since under the Civil Code, a partnership may be particular or universal, and a particular partnership may have for its object a specific undertaking.  It would seem therefore that under Philippine law, a joint venture is a form of partnership and should thus be governed by the law of partnerships.”

Queries of West Point Engineering Supplies


6.  We would like to request another extension of the submission/opening of bids.

Please refer to Answer # 3.

7.  When and what contracts are considered “similar” to the instant Project to be bid?

Please refer to Answer # 2.

8.  Would you allow suppliers with pending projects at PAGASA?

Suppliers with pending projects in PAGASA are allowed to participate provided that they are in good standing and are technically & financially capable to undertake these two (2) projects.

9.  For the Manufacturer’s Authorization of Water Level Sensors, Rain Gauges, Data Loggers, Servers and Radio, do we need to submit for each Manufacturer? And if our Manufacturer Partner could provide the solution we only need to submit one MAF?

Yes. A duly filled-up Manufacturer’s Authorization or Certification of Sole/Exclusive Distributorship shall be secured by the bidder for each of sensors or equipment being offered; and, shall be submitted as part of their technical proposal for the Project.  In the case, however, of a Joint Venture partnership wherein any one of the JV partners is an integrator of the entire system, the submission of a single Manufacturer’s Authorization or a Certificate of Sole/Exclusive Distributorship issued by the “integrator” partner will be considered sufficient.

10.  We would like to request the coordinates of the sites and Network Diagram in order for us to prepare the Radio Path Profile. 

Coordinates of sites and Network Diagram may be secured from focal persons of the Hydro-Meteorology Division (HMD).

Queries of Massive Integrated Tech Solutions, Inc. (MITSI)


11.  On page 15, CPU: Dual Intel E5-2600v2 (2.6 GHz) 1x8 Cores (6 cores usable).

      Question: What do you mean "Dual Intel E5-2600v2"? Since it is clearly stated "1x8 cores" and we understand that it is a single processor.

It should be a single processor with 8 cores (1x8), with dual capability.

12.  On page 15, CPU: Dual Intel E5-2600v2 (2.6 GHz) 1x8 Cores (6 cores usable).

      Question: As per Intel Advisory, E5-2600V2 (version 2) is already End of Life (EOL), can we offer E5-2600V3 (Version 3)?

Yes, as long as the offered model will be compatible with the motherboard.

13.  On page 17, Power: Dual 750W 110 / 220 VAC @ 50/60 HZ (auto sensing)

      Question: Is it possible to have a power rating ranges of 750W - 1200W to give way for the new model of the platform?

Yes, higher power rating is better.

14.  On page 16, under Data Services Specifications: "Back up must be done in less than 3 minutes"

      Question: What is the capacity of data for the basis of 3 minutes backup? Is it a full back up?

The server must be capable to back-up one (1) Terabyte data in 3 minutes or less.  

This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.

For information and guidance of all participating bidders.

  Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC