10 November 2017


Addendum Nos. 2017-049-01; 2017-005NP-01; 2017-006NP-01

Subjects:  1. “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Various ICT Equipment for the Sectoral Impact Modelling System (Re-bid)”; ABC Php1,073,472.00 / PR No. 2017-06-0543

2. “Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing of Various ICT Equipment: (Lot A - Supply and Delivery of 130 sets Desktop Computers & 109 pcs. Laptops)” - NP; ABC Php18,835,000.00 / PR No. 2017-03-0281

3. “Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing of One (1) Lot Communication Equipment” - NP; ABC Php2,189,000.00  / PR No. 2017-03-0282

Notice is hereby issued on amendment of schedule of bidding activities, as well as clarifications on the above-cited projects:

§  Issuance of bidding documents is extended until 23 November 2017. 

§  Opening of Bid Envelopes 1 & 2 is moved to 24 November 2017.  The original time schedule shall be maintained.

§  Bidders, who were previously determined as eligible for this specific project need not submit the required eligibility requirements and may avail the bidding documents free of charge.

§  Other interested bidders not deemed eligible by the BAC for the above-mentioned Projects are allowed to join; provided that, they submit the required eligibility requirements and all other bidding requirements and pay the non-refundable bidding fees indicated in the Invitation to Bid / Notice to Bidders.

§  Previous Supplemental Bid Bulletins (SBB) pertaining to the above mentioned Projects are hereby reiterated and re-issued.

For information and guidance of all prospective bidders.

Chairperson, PAGASA BAC