20 December 2017


Addendum No. 2017-071-02

Subject:  “Supply and Delivery of Hydro-Meteorological Rainfall and Water Level Telemetry Monitoring System Equipment for the Cagayan River Flood Forecasting and Warning Center”; ABC Php28,000,000.00 / PR No. 2017-11-1005 / Ref. No. IB 2017-071

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer official queries of the prospective bidder and clarify, amend and/or modify certain provisions in the Terms of Reference for the above-cited project, to wit:

Queries of West Point Engineering Supplies


1.  For the Manufacturer’s Authorization of Water Level sensors, Rain Gauges, Data Loggers, Software and RTU, do we need to submit one for each Manufacturer? Just like in previous tender of the Standardization of AWS, Agusan and Mindanao River Basin FEWS, the BAC required MAF for every sensor.

The BAC maintains the same instruction regarding Manufacturer’s Authorization Form (MAF). Bidders shall submit MAF for each of the respective major components of the Project.

2.   When and what contracts are considered “similar” to the instant Project to be bid? Does the bidder should have delivered a contract which has the sensors, RTU’s and the software?

For this Project, “similar” refers to projects involving automatic acquisition of environmental parameters/field data, not limited to flood forecasting and warning applications. Thus, the completed project/s should involve supply of sensors including RTU’s and software/application.

3.   Under Section C.3.0, in compliance with WMO standards, it shall be required that the prospective bidder of the manufacturer of the system to be offered must be duly recognized by the WMO. A proof of such recognition shall be enclosed by the prospective bidder as part of its submissions. Can you elaborate on this? We were able to contact WMO and this is what they told us. “WMO only produce standards and guidelines and they do not comment to private companies”.

WMO creates policies, standards and guidelines for observation and monitoring to ensure adequate uniformity in the practices and procedures employed worldwide. Being a member, PAGASA subscribes to such policies, standards and guidelines based on their applicability to the Region.

PAGASA understands that it will take effort and time by budding private companies to be recognized by WMO. From this standpoint, PAGASA will consider bidders who are not yet recognized by WMO but will evaluate Tender with greater emphasis on past “similar” projects.

4.  Who will do the installation? On the Overview, there is “installation”. It is not clear if PAGASA will do the installation or winning bidder.

“Installation” mentioned in the Overview is a general term. It is hereby expressed in this SBB that installation will be undertaken by PAGASA, hence the terms “Supply and Delivery” in the project title.

5.  The delivery stated on Section D is 5 months. Does it mean delivery with installation or just supervision?

Delivery and supervision.

6.  May we request for minimum specifications for the Server Computer as it is not indicated in the Terms of Reference?


Specifications for Server Computer:


Processor I. Core i7-4770 (3.5G, 8mb 22nm socket LGA 1150

1 pc.

Desktop Motherboard compatible to the above Processor, Socket 1150, supports 32GB DDR3 1333/1600/MHz DIMMs, V/S/gigabit LAN, SATA3, Z87

1 pc.

PCIE Video Card, Inno 3D GTX660 TI, 2GB DDR5, 192 bit

1 pc.

Hyper X Memory, 8GB (1600C 10D3B/8G)

4 pcs.

4TB Hard Disk Drive, SATA

1 pc.

ATX Power Supply, AcBel M8 750, 700watts (750 max) with (Twin Fan) w/ casing & fans

1 pc.

23" LED Color Monitor, 1920x1080

2 pcs.

Solid State Hard Drive (SSD), 240GB

1 pc.

Logitech Keyboard and Optical Mouse, wireless

1 pc.

Optical Disk Drive, LG 24X

1 pc.


1 pc.

UPS with AVR, 1050VA

1 pc.

Amendment in the Terms of Reference: Please see Annex A.

This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.

For information and guidance of all participating bidders.

 Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC 

Annex A
Telemetry Cagayan Specs Solar Panels 1