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Ten-Day Regional Agri-Weather Information
DEKAD NO. 15   MAY 21 - 31, 2019
The weather systems that will affect the whole country are the frontal system, easterlies, ridge of high pressure area, intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and low pressure area (LPA).

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The October Orionids meteor shower will be active from October 17-25, 2017.

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11 January 2018


Addendum No. 2017- 057-03__INF

Subject: “Construction of National Meteorological and Climate Center (NMCC) Building at Science Garden Complex, Agham Road, Diliman Quezon City” / ABC Php291,899,364.60 / P.R. No. 2017-09-0768 / Ref. No.: IB 2017-057INF

This Bid Bulletin is issued to all prospective bidders to amend and/or modify certain provisions in the bidding documents of the above-entitled project as a result of the Pre-bid Conference conducted on 07 December 2017 and to answer clarificatory questions submitted by the prospective bidders, to wit:

I.    Answers to Clarificatory Questions submitted by Prospective Bidders, to wit:

Clarificatory Questions


From: BF Corporation


1.   Request for extension of the submission of Bid Documents for the above-mentioned project from December 19, 2017 to January 19, 2018 due to the following reason: Need More Time For Bid Preparation and Due to Holidays.

1.     The deadline for the submission of bids is further amended/extended:

        From: January 11, 2018;

        To: January 19, 2018

        to give more time to all bidders for the    

         preparation of their respective tender


2.   Kindly provide specification/brand of pump equipment for fire protection system.

2.   Split case fire pump (motor driven) 750 GPM @ 250 psi 1785 RPM, Vertical Inline jockey Pump, 25 GPM, @ 250 PSI (176 TDH) 3500 RPM. ( 1 SET) – UL Approved, must be U.S or European brand.

3.   Kindly provide specification/brand of FCU & ACCU equipment for Air Conditioning System.

3.   Specification as per the capacity indicated on the drawing and schedule of equipment. Must be Japan, U.S or European brand.

4.   Lastly, we noticed in the BOQ provided that there is no FDAS Works. As such, we want to clarify if this is included in our Scope of Work. If so, please provide BOQ.

4.   FDAS is not included in scope of works.

5.   Mechanical Works (As stated)

(1)   Since this is a VRF system there is no refrigerant piping indicated in the detailed cost breakdown instead G.I sheet is stated. Please clarify.

(2)   In detailed cost breakdown, the ventilation equipment is repeated twice. Pleas clarify.


(1) No need to detail refrigerant piping, this will be as per system of VRF. We need only price per VRF system. G.I sheet is another item.

(2) For the ITEM N. Mechanical Works Ventilating Blowers and Fans will be omitted without any cost implications.

6.   Fire protection works (as stated below)

(1)   Please clarify if the supply suction pipe specifically in the pump room is 200MM.


(1) Use 200MM diameter B.I (black iron0

7.   Plumbing / Sanitary Works (as stated below)

(1)   Please provide location of the BAR screen in the STP.


(1) Since STP is provisionary BAR screen will be at per site condition.

From: Square Meter Trading and Const. Corp.

§  Request to add the following that are not included on the Bill of Quantities

1.   Water Feature                  

2.   Plumbing Fixture             

3.   Stair Railing                                

4.   Handrail

5.   Elevator (included on scope of work)

6.   Furniture & Cabinet (included on scope of work)

§  BOQ must not have any alteration.

1.     Water fixture is not included in the scope of works.

2.     Plumbing Fixture is not included in the scope of works.

3.     Stair railing is included in the provision for the furniture.

4.     Handrail is included in the provision for the furniture.

5.     Elevator is included in the scope of work (see Provisional Cost).

6.     Furniture is included in the scope of work (see Provision Cost)

§  Clarification on the exact coverage of road works

§  Road works is included on site development. Bidders are encouraged to conduct site visit for more detail.

§  Clarification if Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System is included in scope of works.  If yes, would you provide us the following:

1.   FDAS Riser Diagram

2.   Devices and Cables Specification

3.   Detailed Cost Breakdown for BOQ

§  FDAS is not included in scope of works.

From: Tokwing Construction Corp.

§  Re: Section II.12.1.b.ii.2 and Section II.12.1.b.ii.3 of Page 19 of the Bidding Documents for the Construction of NMCC Building

    “The Project Requirements”

This provision is not clear to us, particularly List of Key Personnel and List of contractor’s major equipment units.

Kindly provide further explanation or clarification on the above.

§  The List of Key Personnel are the bidder’s/contractor’s personnel, usually headed by the Project Manager, who will be deployed or assigned by the contractor for the implementation of the entire Project. The List of Key Personnel who will be assigned to the Project must also be consistent with the contractor’s Organizational Chart to be submitted as part of its tender documents.

 The List of Key Personnel stated by the bidder shall be validated accordingly by the BAC, Client and DPWH.

From: Global-V


1.   Limitation of furniture for this project. (Please specify the type and number of sets to be used in this project.)

1.   All bidders shall bid for lump-sum amount of P10,000,000.00. Details will be discussed with winning bidder after award of the contract. The furniture cost is a provision. For limitations please include the following: tables, chairs for all rooms & AVR  including the stairs and hand stainless railing

  2. Types of waterproofing to be used in all areas.

2.   3-ply bituminous torch-on membrane Waterproofing (for Toilets), decks and other exposed areas.

  3. Is the curtain wall is included? If yes, what is the item code of the curtain glass in detailed cost estimate? (Please clarify the window tagging shown in Plans and schedule)

3. The Curtain Wall was not included in the approved BOQ; however, there is an item for the window glasses indicating the area and no. of sets that can be used for the pricing as shown in BOQ.

  4. Detailed wall design accent

4. See Attachment

  5. Detailed granite stone accent

5. See Attachment

  6. Detailed pre-cast concrete baffle

6. See attachment

  7. Specification of Jockey Pump

7. Split case fire pump (motor driven) 750 GPM @ 250 psi 1785 RPM, Vertical Inline jockey Pump, 25 GPM, @ 250 PSI (176 TDH) 3500 RPM. ( 1 SET) – UL Approved must be U.S or European brand.

  8. Detailed of steel grating.

8. A shop drawing will provide by the winning contractor during construction and as per site condition. See sanitary plans.

II.Additional Instructions/Clarifications:

1.   Participating Bidders shall submit the following:

§  Only the first five (5) pages and last five (5) pages of the Audited Financial Statements (Eligibility Requirements / Financial Documents - Tab E);

§  Plans, Drawings and Designs indicated under Tab B-2, Financial Requirements, may not be submitted by the bidders as part of their tender documents;

§  Instead, bidders shall be required to submit the Detailed Unit Price Analysis (DUPA), Spreadsheet/Summary (Tab C-1); and

§  Submit a digital copy thereof. (under Tab E)

2.   Bidder’s PCAB License shall be at least under Category AA.

3.   The winning bidder/contractor shall be responsible for the application of the necessary permits, licenses and certificates in coordination with PAGASA.

4.   With regard to the lump sum amount indicated for the Provisional Costs for Furniture, STP, and the elevator, it must clarified that all bidders shall bid for lump-sum amount as indicated thereat. Details will be discussed with winning bidder after award of the contract.

5.   All pages of the Original Copy of the bidder’s Eligibility and Technical Components, whether original or certified true copy, shall be countersigned or initialed by the Bidder or his/her duly authorized representative. (Addendum to NOTE: Additional Instructions in the Checklist of Requirements).

6.   Kindly disregard Item No. 10 Source of Fund and Schedule of Payment in the Invitation to Bid.

For information and guidance of all prospective bidders.


Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC

Wall design accent

Granite stone accent detail





It has come to the attention of the Office of the Administrator of PAGASA that a certain person has been using the name of Dr. Vicente B. Malano to solicit money from the contractors of PAGASA.

Dr. Malano wishes to inform the public that he has not authorized anyone to solicit money on his behalf and to warn everyone against dealing with unscrupulous activities of certain individuals.

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