16 January 2018


Addendum No. 2017-074-02

Subject:  “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Training and Commissioning of Scalable UPS Including Dismantling and Transfer of Old UPS”; ABC Php3,098,000.00 / P.R. No.: 2017-11-0948 / Ref. No. IB 2017-074 

This Bid Bulletin is being issued to answer clarificatory questions submitted by the prospective bidders and provide additional information/clarifications for the above-cited project.



1.   Item D of the Conformity with Technical Specifications: Delivery Period of Thirty (30) calendar days.

May we request for sixty (60) calendar days delivery period?

No, since the project is in immediate need. However, the winning bidder may request for extension during the implementation if some problems happen during delivery period.

2.   Item H- letters A-J of the conformity with the Technical Specifications:

     May we clarify if this will be part of the submittals during the bid opening or is only required for the winning bidder.         

This is part of the submittals during the bid opening.

3.   Item H-Letter I - Winning bidder should submit a detailed project implementation which shows that the offered solutions shall be integrated in the existing systems.

Are you referring to Gantt chart? If not, could you enlighten us on this?

It is letter “f” requirement.

Yes, Gantt chart plus Scope of Works and Methods of Procedure stating details of implementation and compliance being offered.

4.   In the proposed block diagram and single line diagram there is DP Panel.

     What do you mean by DP Panel, are referring to Distribution Panel?

Yes, it is Distribution Panel.

Is the DP Panel being provided/supplied by suppliers? If yes, how many branches does the DP have? Do you have proposed rating capacity?

Yes, the DP should be provided for by the supplier. There should be three (3) DP with the capacity of 16 KVA or higher.

Is the new DP intended to replace the existing DP for UPS load?


5.   Can you also provide us the floor plan of the data center to electrical room if possible?

Yes, it will be available upon request.

6.   Can you give us the proposed/exact location for the input Transformer?

At most possible, it will be placed inside the ICT server room.



7. Location of tapping point will be at battery room (200AT 230V 3P)


8. Location of proposed transformer will be at EE room besides Battery Room.

No, PAGASA Electrical Engineer does not allow putting transformer at EE room.

9. Layout of roughing ins will be at outside wall of the building.  

Yes. Please refer to the attached electrical lay-out (Feeder wires).

10.  Are we going to provide another 100 AT ECB at output of the transformer since transformer to proposed 100AT ECB are more than 30 meters away and not in the same room base on the single line


11.  What is the rating of main and how many circuit branches are we going to provide for DP-Panel?

There should be three (3) DP with capacity of 16KVA or higher.

12.  Exact location where the old UPS will be place? Is it on 2nd floor or 3rd floor?

The old UPS will be disposed as condemn.

13.  What is the maximum time for shutdown?

At least one hour.

14.  What is the size (WxDxH) and weight of the old UPS to be hauled?

Same size as the new UPS dimension (H: 2000mm, W: 600mm, D: 1070mm)

15.  Can we request for an extension of the submission and opening of bids?

The submission and opening of bid proposals is extended from 16 January 2018 to 26 January 2018 (as per SBB- 2017-074-01).

16.  Required back up time for the UPS?

Shall provide not less 25 minutes back-up time at 16kw load.



17.  Is it possible to use a UPS with 10KVA power module with installed capacity of 20KVA?


It should be at least higher than 10KVA because the original is 10KVA which results to some problems with the load. Please refer to our technical specifications. We will only accept offer based on compliance to our minimum requirements.

18.  Is it possible acceptable that our unit can only work up to 45KVA?


Based on the TOR it should be 48KVA. Please refer to our minimum required technical specifications. You can offer higher models as long as it will comply in our required technical specifications as stated in the bid documents.

19.  What is the required capacity for the UPS?


Minimum 16KVA plus a standby of another 16KVA to a maximum scalable of another 16KVA total of 48 KVA. Please refer to our provided technical specifications as this was clearly stated there.

20.  Do we supply battery back up at 16KW or at 48KW maximum capacity?

Yes, it should be 16KVA with standby another 16KVA. Bidder shall provide 25 minutes battery back-up for at least 16kw load.

21.  Where can we install the transformer?

The transformer shall be installed at the ICT Server Room.

22.  Is it necessary to provide all of the documents under item “H” winning bidder’s requirements?




23.  Mayor’s Permit / PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration & Membership

Participating bidders shall submit PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration and Membership under Platinum category with Annex A, as well as proof of filing or Official Receipt for renewal of expired legal documents.    

24.  Request for extension of submission of bid

The submission and opening of bid proposals is extended from 16 January 2018 to 26 January 2018 (as per SBB- 2017-074-01).


1.   Participating bidders shall submit Bill of Quantity and the Detailed Cost Breakdown with specifications (size, type, color and rating) of the electrical materials that will be used in the project.

2.   Participating bidders shall use intermediate Metal Conduit with the approved types of hangers, fittings, supports and pull boxes for electrical wiring installation.

3.   All materials and equipment to be used shall be brand new and I.E.C. tested or U.L. listed.

4.   Participating bidders shall submit the list of key personnel involve in electrical installation, including the monitoring Electrical Engineer with the attached Professional Identification Card.

5.   The winning bidder shall set a schedule for pre-installation meeting with the End-user and PAGASA Engineers before the implementation of the project.

6.   The winning bidder shall provide as built electrical plan (electrical lay-out, single line diagram, load schedule, notes & specification and legend) by load computation. 

7.   Electrical layout (Feeder wires) is herewith attached for your reference.

For information and guidance of all prospective bidders.

Chairperson, PAGASA-BAC