An Analysis Of Rainfall In Mindanao, Philippines In Relation To Altitude, Latitude and Longitude

Justo B. Valbuena

Before the application of regression analysis, the conditions of its applicability such as the conditions of normality and constancy of variance of the rainfall data were verified. The results of statistical tests to verify the above stated conditions were fairly conclusive. The relationship between mean rainfall and each of the three predictors were studied through the measure of correlation. The values of the correlation coefficients r are suggestive of the fact that there exist a fair degree of association between rainfall and each of the factors altitude, latitude and longitude.

Ice Formation On Aircraft

Catalino P. Alcances, Jr.

At the fifth session of the WMO, Commission of Aeronautical Meteorology, it was recommended that further information on the characteristics of clouds associated with aircraft icing be obtained from other parts of the world, especially the tropics. It is because of this recommendation that the author attempted to present the fundamental facts about aircraft icing. Although the author would like very much to help compile needed data on this subject, he can not do otherwise since research facilities here are very nil if not totally out of reach of our present monetary means. However, this paper was prepared so that in the future when we have adequate means to conduct our own researches for the safe operation of aircraft, particularly on the subject of aircraft icing, it may serve as a reference for the topics badly needing further study. The preparation of this paper has been made possible by the result of extensive ice-prevention and meteorological researches conducted by the NASA (previously known as the NACA), the U.S. Weather Bureau, some airline companies of the United States and various individuals interested in solving the problem of icing, whose tireless effort make possible the safety of aircraft operations around the world.