Air Pollution Model For Metropolitan Manila Area Using The Gaussian Distribution

Renato R. Abcede

The purpose of this study is to apply the Gaussian Model in estimating relative air pollution concentration over the Metropolitan Manila arising from urban continuous point sources.
The computations were carried out using a fifteen meter effective height of all continuous point sources. The calculation of relative pollution concentrations at the ground and at the 15-meter level was made using a diffusion equation whose primary variables are thermal stability, the generalized diffusion coefficients, and wind speed and direction.
Prevailing wind speed and direction over the study area for each month were used in the computations. Average concentrations for each month over the domain represented by a system of 1-km grid squares for three different stability conditions (unstable, neutral and moderate inversion) were computed. Values were analyzed and isopleths of pollution concentrations were presented.

The results show that: