Office of the Division Chief

• Management, coordination and supervision of activities concerning engineering and technical services for the agency
  including maintenance of facilities and equipment;
• Direct functions, operations, programs, activities and services of the Division;
• Implements plans and programs for field station infrastructure, facilities and equipment modernization;
• Provides updated standards and guides on meteorological instruments and methods of observation in accordance with
  established international and/or regional techniques and procedures for meteorological observing services.

Meteorological Equipment and Telecommunications Technology Services Section (METTSS)

• Undertakes installation, repair and maintenance of the agency’s Weather Surveillance Radars, Upper-Air Sounding  
  equipment, Automatic Weather Station (AWS), Meteorological basic instruments and equipment;
• Provides technical services for the maintenance of the agency’s meteorological telecommunications system (s) and facilities;
• Provides technical assistance to other offices/branches primarily in the installation, repair and maintenance of various
  telecommunications system and other electronics and communications equipment;
• Undertakes design, development and maintenance of agency’s network infrastructure and other services pertaining to  
  Information Communication Technology (ICT); and
• Formulates updates and implements an effective and efficient agency Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP).

Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure and Engineering Section (MEIES)

• Coordinates the planning, management and supervision on matters concerning the maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of
  the agency’s critical support facilities and equipment, power generators, air-conditioning and refrigeration, water pumps and
  other electrical and office equipment;
• Fabricate instrument shelters, wind mast and similar support facilities for basic meteorological instruments and related
  products necessary and/or required for the maintenance of facilities;
• Provides technical services for the repair and/or maintenance of agency’s service vehicles
• Undertakes planning, design and implementation of infrastructure programs and projects of the agency.

Meteorological Guides and Standard Section (MGSS)

 Undertakes quality control of surface synoptic, upper-air, marine, aeronautical agro-meteorological, precipitation and
  weather radar observation data in accordance with national/regional/international standards for real-time and other uses by
  the agency’s major units;
• Coordinates and monitors status of station operations and recommends solution and alternative to maintain field station
• Provides updated guidelines, procedures and technical regulations on weather instruments and methods of observation
  in accordance with the WMO standards.